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Why VeriDoc Smart Login?

Documents can be verified as authentic, without needing training to detect a fake document.

How does it work?

Users are protected from fake documents by reducing risk and eliminating document fraud. Data on the blockchain is immutable, secure and encrypted for the entire process. Document creator controls who can verify the document when a VeriDoc Global secured QR code is scanned. APIs can be developed to communicate directly with the customer’s existing software. Governments and businesses save time and money lost each year due to document fraud.

VeriDoc Global
VeriDoc Global

Smart Login enables users to sign into a web app by simply scanning a QR code using VeriDoc Global's mobile app technology.

VeriDoc Global

Smart Login adds extra security by leveraging two-factor authentication (2FA). Only one mobile device can be linked to a user's account at any one time.

VeriDoc Global

Product owners can view all sign-in data including time and location stamps, which are recorded on the blockchain for audit purposes. Users can sign out of their web account directly from the app.

VeriDoc Global

Why VeriDoc Global?

VeriDoc Global has patented technology like nobody else. Their patents are granted in over 100 countries, and are bringing real document transparency to everyone. VeriDoc Global’s unique approach to document transparency and document security is a game changer.  We can now trust documents using this technology!!!!

VeriDoc Global uses unique hash values to verify whether a document is true and correct. The original document is processed using VeriDoc Global’s APIs, and a unique hash value, showing the original document was produced by the document owner. The unique hash value is stored on the VeriDoc Ledger and can NEVER be changed.  If the document is modified in any way, the unique hash value will also change significantly and the verification will fail.

After the covid pandemic everyone knows about QR codes. QR codes are a great vehicle for verifying a document using VeriDoc Global Technology, therefore anyone can easily see if a document is fraudulent or genuine by using their mobile phone and scanning the QR code on the document.

Why VeriDoc Ledger?

Veridoc Ledger Technology Increases Security, Traceability, Transparency And Trust.

VeriDoc Ledger is a fork of the Ethereum blockchain, combining the transparency and trust of public blockchains with the security and immutability of private blockchains.

But why is this blockchain used for VeriDoc Smart Login?


Data is sensitive and crucial, and VeriDoc Ledger can significantly change how your critical information is viewed.  By creating a record that can’t be altered and is encrypted, VeriDoc Ledger prevents all fraud and unauthorized activity in your documents. Information is stored across a network of computers rather than a single server, making it impossible for hackers to access the data.


VeriDoc Ledger has no one, central point of attack.  The fact that VeriDoc Ledger is a decentralised way of storing and accessing data makes the whole system incredibly secure – because, unlike a centralised databases, there’s no one single point of entry for hackers. This makes it particularly useful for recording data in a secure manner that you can trust.


Because VeriDoc Ledger is decentralised and replicated in its entirety in multiple places, there’s no need for a central administrator and all the costs and infrastructure that comes with it. This allows users of the technology to achieve their objectives in a more efficient manner therefore saving budget along the way.

VeriDoc Ledger creates an audit trail, that documents the recording, of all events in any document, until the document is completed.  In society today we are concerned about counterfeiting and fraud — this audit trial provides the proof we can trust. With VeriDoc Ledger, it is possible to share the trusted data directly with all users, so the journey of the document can be shown.  You get a history of activity, not just a snapshot in time.  When you look at a regular database, you’re getting a snapshot of data that’s up to date in that moment in time that is more than likely changeable. VeriDoc Ledger also maintains a record of all the information that exists, but it is immutable. It’s a database with history, you can trust.

VeriDoc Ledger uses technology that records data ( unique hash values ) identically in multiple locations - this is a decentralised network. When any VeriDoc Ledger user can access the ledger at any time, and see the same information as any other user at the same time - this creates an environment of full transparency to all VeriDoc Ledger users. All records are immutability recorded, and are time and date stamped. This allows all users to view the entire history of records and eliminates any opportunity for fraud.

VeriDoc Global

Some use cases for VeriDoc Smart Login include:

VeriDoc Global

Logging into e-learning platforms

to verify that the correct person

is doing the coursework.

VeriDoc Global

Logging into web apps to prevent

multiple users sharing a single

software licence.

VeriDoc Global

Accessing 24-hour gyms, AirBNBs,

workplaces, etc. (combined with IoT

and electronic door systems).

VeriDoc Global

Accessing 24-hour gyms, AirBNBs, workplaces, etc. (combined with IoT and electronic door systems).

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