VeriDoc Global Use Case Breakdown - Warranty and Receipt Solution

14 Feb 2020

VeriDoc Global

Today we are looking at a breakdown of a TV Digital Warranty and Receipt Solution which will also include a digital pdf for you to download.

Wouldn't you want the ability to scan a QR code and bring up your warranty and your receipt for the product you've purchased?

No more having to keep warranty cards and paper and look for them if there is an issue. But with VeriDoc Globals blockchain solution, you'd always have access to them, with you able to download a pdf to your device along with proof the purchase was made.

Our team has put together a breakdown of each use case that you can download, and you're able to scan the QR codes yourself on your smartphone to see the technology working for yourself. You can download the VeriDoc Global QR Reader for free, with no Ads, from the Play or App store today.

Follow this link to go directly to the use case without scanning the QR code.

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