Sustainability and The Bottom Line

20 Apr 2020

VeriDoc Global

The bottom line is that words matter. A lot of power and influence of Policy, Funding and Individual Choice, is expressed through the use of certain terms.

Renewable, Eco Friendly, Sustainable, Green, Free Range, Organic, Environmental Impact.

These are the words that many less than ethical Governments and companies and organizations, big and small have been found to alter the definitions for, to suit their less-than-ethical practices for the massive financial gains they can generate. As most consumers know that the Green Sustainable wrapping and advertising, increases prices by as much as 400%.

To combat these creative interpretations, codes of conduct have been initiated all over the world, but countless organizations, businesses, and government authorities continue with these fraudulent practices. Until now there has never been an immutable, quick and simple solution enabling consumers to confirm the authenticity and origin of the products. This includes the farming practices, whether it is a GMO product, chemicals used, are animals and chickens free-range or caged, the production processes, extra additives, and their chemical compounds, even right down to the packaging.

Consumers are demanding to know what is added into the products they are purchasing, they are demanding proof of provenance and authenticity, that it was produced in a sustainable manner.

A survey conducted in 2014 found that a lot of people will believe that a simple green-colored packaging indicates that the product is made sustainably. Proving words and packaging have a big influence on choices, whether they are true or false.

A lot of power is expressed through certain terms and used to influence policies, funding, and individual choices. This is the reason why it is important for the sustainability of the environmental impact and integrity of all products into the future.

Many individuals, groups and organizations are using that magic word, “SUSTAINABILITY” to promote their cause, with very little regard to future responsibility they have to the future security of the ecosystems of the world.

Because of the population growth of the world, production of foods and products has to continue on a grand scale, meaning production must continue, products have to be moved from point A to point B, therefore transport and shipping logistics, the use of fossil fuel will have to continue into the foreseeable future. There is no magic transformation that will our world overnight, but it will come with time because people want this to happen.

The biggest concern this very minute and into the future is the continued misuse of these words promoting “Sustainability”.

How can we the people, bring accountability to the production chain and stamp out all of these fraudulent practices?

Sustainability: Into the Future.

Veridoc Global Working within Sustainability.

The most important requirement of Sustainability is the connection of an immutable data stream, from the producers to the processors to the customers or end-user, in real-time.

The interoperability of all processes from the farmer to the end-user is the biggest challenge for governments, businesses, and organizations today.

VeriDoc Global has developed an immutable IT Solution using DLT which allows different information systems, devices and applications to access integrate, exchange and use data in a coordinated synced manner within different businesses and across regional and national boundaries. It is the fast and seamless portability of information.

The solution is linked with DLT delivers immutable data streams providing proof of provenance and authenticity within the many links of the sustainability chain.

VeriDocs Globals unique QR Codes are linked to every step in the supply chain from the farmer to the production chain, through distribution, transport shipping logistics, any additives that used in processing, again this is an immutable record that the end-user can simply scan the QR Code on the product and get the full history instantly.

VeriDocs Globals solution is integrated into the production cycle, linking the data for the supply chain into motion starting with the farmer. Farmers then have an immutable record of all cropping requirements, planting times, fertilizers used, chemicals used, was GMO Seed used for planting, harvesting, transport logistics to the market locations. and many other processes the farmer may have.

Using blockchain technology and development with GPS location and Data analytics the solution can then trace the processing of the grains, to flour mills, packaging distribution, transport logistics to retailers and customers in real-time.

Are all Halal requirements required by many, being adhered to within the food supply chain and do the products meet the health requirements for certain allergies and medical needs, these are questions that need to be asked.

The idea that goods and services should be produced in ways that do not use resources that cannot be replaced and do not harm the environment and ecosystems. It is recommended that you take a few minutes to research where your produce like bread, milk, eggs, meat, vegetables, clothing, in fact, everything you purchase, for our future Sustainability.

The solution is a flexible and transparent process, designed to deliver proof of provenance and authenticity for all government departments, businesses, producers, organizations, to the end-user. A lot of power is expressed through the use of certain words and terminologies, influencing policies, funding, and individual choices. To truly make a difference we need to understand what these words mean. Environmental impact is an increasingly important issue if you truly want to make a difference, do your research and take action.

The Bottom Line Is: Words and Actions do Matter.

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