Digital ID's and Blockchain.

17 Jul 2019

VeriDoc Global

There have been many times when we have left the house with our keys, sunglasses, and phone, only to have misplaced or forgotten the one thing we should always remember to bring


Often enough many of us in Australia tend to forget our driver’s license because we are either ‘just running down to the shop’ or have just forgotten about it completely. Well, it could spell the end of needing to remember it at all with the NSW government introducing the new digital license for the first time.

As seen in this NINE NEWS story- NSW government is the first state to make the change, which will most likely set the precedent for further states as the switch from a physical license, goes digital and soon accessible from our smartphones.

NSW Services Minister Victor Dominello said in a statement.

“Digital licenses will be made available through the Service NSW app on mobile phones allowing people to use it as a proof of identity and age to gain entry into pubs and clubs as well for roadside police checks.”

The change couldn’t come soon enough as our phones are fast becoming a replacement for most things kept within our wallets, to the point when carrying one might become obsolete completely.

As the statewide rollout takes place, it does put into question security as the government pivots to digital licensing. The government has gone to great lengths to perfect the prevention of fake IDs with physical licenses as previous versions were able to be falsified, should we just hope that this will also need to be perfected?

We should always ask ourselves what will be done to prevent not only our identity being at risk but the creation of fraudulent and fake IDs before taking such strides with technology.

Having seen examples of what to expect within the nine news story, whichever version the government chooses to implement should include the implementation of QR code technology on the digital license, with these measures in place, blockchain technology has already been proven to be secure.

One company, in particular, have already implemented this technology around the world for this very purpose and I can attest to the technologies benefits. VeriDoc Globals revolutionary patented formula based within Blockchain technology has successfully completed what the NSW government is trying to do now. ID cards, licensing and digital ID’s are just a few of the many uses for their already proven technology.

Besides, we are some time away from a completely mandatory digital license, there will be a need to have a physical license on you for years to come yet, and VeriDoc Global has that covered as well.

Try it now with the image above. Download the free VeriDoc Global App from the Play or App store now. Scan the QR code in the image and try out the technology today using any smartphone.

VeriDoc Globals QR code blockchain solution involves embedding a QR code on an item with a unique digital hash inside the QR code. The hash holds a string of information that is then placed on the blockchain network for security, verification, and more importantly end-user validation. By using a QR code reading app on any smartphone, customers can scan the QR code on the item, and receive the necessary information and in this case, verify identification authenticity.

It comes with Change of State Technology (CoS) which can be used by scanning the QR code and adding time and location stamps along with any additional info, such as insurance, registrations, and emergency contact information.

As seen here with Veridoc Globals finished ID solution.

It goes on to explain why they created the technology and how they have been able to eliminate fake ID’s completely.

‘Fake IDs have been linked to identity theft, bank fraud, social security fraud, illegal purchase of goods and a range of other criminal activities.

VeriDoc Globals Key Features allowing us to operate among digital technology without the risk.

Security has never been so important, and in this day and age as we shift from physical to digital ID’s we need a technology in place that can make this happen conveniently and securely.

Hopefully, NSW has also done their research and provided the public with digital licensing that includes strong security measures throughout the app and it’s a platform, and if it is anything close to VeriDoc Globals Finished QR code technology, I know my identity is in safe hands.

So when the time comes for me to ‘Opt-in’ I’ll be happy and confident to do so, as long as it’s been Veridoc Global secured.

This article was written by Reneé K. To learn more about VeriDoc Global’s software and how it can be of benefit to you or your organization, please visit the website at