Coronavirus Blockchain Solution - VeriDoc Global

09 Mar 2020

VeriDoc Global

VeriDoc Global developed a Patented Solution using Blockchain Technology which delivers the ability to make a real difference in the battle against Coronavirus (COVID-19), Ebola, Influenza and MERS viruses.

VeriDoc Globals Solution and technology delivers real-time Proof of Provenance and Authenticity to all data and records related to patients using their International Health Card who receive medical treatment for symptoms of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Ebola, Influenza or MERS viruses and any other treatments.

With the International Health Card, World Health Organization, United Nations, Governments, medical authorities, and statutory bodies will have access to all medical treatments for any of the patients with real-time data and traceability with GPS Tracking. Alerts could be placed on these cards if travel is restrictions are in place.

VeriDoc Globals Solution enables health authorities and governments to track all treatment but more importantly with the Coronavirus, Ebola, MERS and Influenza viruses, it will give these organizations the ability to monitor in real-time, treatments and movement of people in these regions affected by these viruses with the use of the International Health Card.

For more information about the VeriDoc Global solution as well as important Coronavirus information please visit.