Can the system handle different authorisation levels accessing different amounts of information on an encrypted document?

27 Apr 2024

VeriDoc Global

The QR present on all VeriDoc Global generated documents can be access-level controlled. In which case, when a user scans the QR code they will only be able to see the information for which they have access to. To do so, the user will have to scan the access level-protected QR code using our VeriDoc QR Scanner Mobile Application. The application will be linked to user’s account using one-time password (OTP) mechanism and will authenticate each scan to ensure only users with certain access levels are given access to the different amount of information linked to the QR code. If the person is not allowed access through their application, then he/she will be unable to see information from the encrypted document.

One-Time Password (OTP) is a technological mechanism through which a single-use password is generated and sent to the registered mobile number for the user to access the application. It is also known as two-factor authentication.